The Association of Universities and Research Institutions of the Caribbean (UNICA), founded forty years ago, will mark that significant milestone with a special Annual Conference to be held from  November 14 to November 16 2007, at the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

One of the principal objectives of UNICA is to foster contact and collaboration among its member institutions. Its stated purposes aim to facilitate academic exchanges and joint projects, and to create initiatives that will bring more closely together the institutions and their faculties.

The theme we have chosen for the conference will be: Academic Mobility: Instrument of Caribbean University Integration, a subject that promises to be rich in elements that will foster the exchange and transmission of knowledge among teaching staff, researchers and students in our region is our goal that UNICA will have a key role in this project.

Knowing the interest of your University in matters pertaining to the Caribbean, we invite you to participate in the forthcoming Annual Conference, and to become an active member of UNICA next November.

This event will permit us to work together towards the shared goal of creating a working tool that will allow us to reach greater academic mobility to further enrich, in many ways, Higher Education in the Caribbean Region.

The University of Puerto Rico has been entrusted with all matters pertaining to the coordination of this Conference. The person in charge is Prof. Sara Irizarry, Special Assistant for International Programs and Agreements. She may be contacted via telephone at: (787) 765-5955 or (787) 250-0000, extension 2068, or by email at